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Learn By Design is where entreprenuers go for online training and motivation.  We’re an eLearning agency that helps and inspires people interested in creating online training programs.

How-To webinars are all very well, but they’re a little impersonal. Learn By Design gives you direct access to e-Learning experts. Plus you get tools and courses designed to give you everything you need to get your online training idea up and running.

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You’ve got a great idea for an online course, but it’s forever getting put on the backburner. It’s probably your side hustle right now, but if it takes off, who knows?

Actually, you won’t ever know unless you start making things happen. And that’s where the Learn By Design School can help. We’ll provide the tools, the inspiration and the expert advice that will give you the push you need to bring your ideas to life.

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The Benefits Of Learn By Design School Membership

Learn By Design is the idea of Monica Gragg, an e-Learning strategist and passionate educator with over 10 years’ experience. She has produced more than 250 online courses and 7 online training programs.

She started Learn By Design in 2016 because she wanted to make education affordable and accessible to all. And one way to do that was to make it easier for online learning entrepreneurs to build online learning opportunities for others.

Joining the school gives you access to all kinds of online training information and tools, including courses that:

Teach you how multi-million dollar companies design and develop their training programs

Help you pick the right platform for your course 

Show you how to build online courses

Expose you to inspirational examples of training courses from every industry

Tell you how to price and market your program

Demonstrate ways to make your online training courses fun and engaging

Membership of the Learn By Design school also gets you:

Access to professional online trainers, educators and instructional designers (worth $300)

Monthly check-ins with experts to help you with development, launches, whatever! (worth $59)

Exercises and templates designed to give you the inspiration you need to get started (worth $199)

Membership costs just $17.99 a month. But for a limited time, we are offering a 7 Day Free Trial Membership.

4 Reasons To Create Online Learning Programs With Learn By Design

  • Get professional advice and tools to make your online learning idea the best it can be

  • Benefit from a range of courses that will motivate and inspire you

  • Learn so much more than you would from a webinar

  • We’re offering a 7 day free membership trial, so what’s to lose?

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About Learn By Design School

The school was founded by Monica Gragg from Miami, Florida. Inspired by her parents to get the highest level of education and experience as much of life as possible, Monica earned a Masters degree in Education from the Glion Institute of Higher Education in Switzerland.

She has lived in 7 countries and explored over 90, yet has still found time to develop over 250 online courses. She’s also managed multiple online learning communities, schools, and training programs, and is now working towards a Ph.D. in Education.

Monica is driven by her belief that everyone deserves a fair and equal opportunity to learn, regardless of their financial situation, location or internet connection.

To this end, she has written the book: Create The Change You Want To See: Build Your Online School Or Training Program Today and continues to be a passionate educator, author, and eLearning Strategist. 

She sees Learn By Design as her chance to give learning opportunities to those seeking a positive change and a brighter future.

What They Say

“Monica's genuine expertise AND experience in the e-learning industry are rare to find. Monica sees opportunities that others don't and innovates accordingly. She helped me better understand e-learning for my own business and mentored me to achieve goals. Monica is a true educator in every sense of the word."”

Janine, M.Janine, M.

“"When I decided to launch an LMS, I called Monica Gragg. After listening to my objectives, she was able to provide the data about the myriad options for online learning platforms in an easy-to-follow spreadsheet. Each option included a comparison of costs, pros, and cons. She took a vast amount of data and made it both manageable and more importantly, useful. I highly recommend Monica for her expertise in online learning platforms."”

Susan, W.Susan, W.

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